Redemption. It’s in deep reflection that we find our desire to change, and through this we are reborn! 

Starting in his adolescence and early adulthood, Frankie Valentine’s inner child was deeply wounded, leading him to a life of crime resulting in multiple prison sentences. Join him as he takes you on a candid and personal journey through his transformation from state and federal inmate...to Phoenix rising out of the ashes, becoming a multi-million-dollar success. 

He addresses the challenges of being a convicted felon in America, and carrying that stigma, branded for life as an ex-con or ex-offender. He also creates awareness by speaking to controversial topics in the current system of prison reform - bridging the gap between people’s perception and understanding of America’s prison system - while providing listeners with insight and resources that create opportunities for REAL change and much more.

The TMF podcast digs into how our mindsets must transform in order to achieve meaningful change, as well as helping to identify the “root causes” that result in failures and pain. Through hope and inspiration, TMF seeks to help audiences discover their innate talents, leading them to success by finding their truth and living it. Frankie’s authentic desire is to share his real-life personal experiences, helping those find a new direction while offering guided solutions in resolving life’s greatest challenges. 

Candid conversations confront difficult subjects, but in a challenging and humorous manner, and listeners discover common ground to realize that we are not all that different from one another. Frankie draws us in with engaging topics and provides the tools to implement and achieve winning results. 

TMF offers a roadmap of how to break free from “limiting beliefs” and live a life that has unlimited possibilities built on hope, faith and understanding. As a Man Thinketh.” - James Allen. We are all champions, heroes of our own story, worthy of a second chance. Through hope, will, and determination, the TMF Podcast will inspire and encourage listeners to dig deep and find their inner hero waiting to be released. 

Frankie Valentine is a passionate communicator and advocate committed to delivering truth and providing opportunities for permanent change, and his TMF Podcast is a must-listen. 

Title: The Millionaire Felon Podcast 
Subtitle: Mind Your Business 
Author and Host: Frankie Valentine 

Show description (short): An essential podcast for those who want to be set free from the prison of their mindset, who want REAL CHANGE by finding their truth and living it; conquering the root causes holding them back. 

Show description (long): The Millionaire Felon Podcast is a podcast dedicated to helping guide those in need of a new direction. Join Frankie for tangible, candid conversations that will shine a light on a wide variety of topics ranging from prison reform to personal transformation and so much more - building a bridge of redemption by setting the stage for an amazing life created by you and on your terms.